Our Company

Development Bureau
List of Approved Suppliers of Materials and Specialist Contractors for Public Works – Steam and Compressed Air Installation (Supply and Installation of Medical Gas System)

Electrical and Mechanical Services Department
Registration of Electrical Contractor

Buildings Department
Registration of General Building Contractor

Electrical and Mechanical Services Department
Supplier for supplying Health Care Products

Electrical and Mechanical Services Department 
Supplier for Biomedical and Scientific Equipment Market

Architectural Services Department
Approved Suppliers-Steam, Compressed Air & Associated Installations

Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency
ISO 9000 Certification ISO 9001 : 2015

Our Team

FSD Approved Person (DG Division) – Approved Persons in Piped Gas Installation

Cleanroom Certified Profession – Certified Technician of NEBB

Fume Hood Exhaust System Profession Trained Professional in Fume Hood of NEBB

Building Structural Profession – Registered Structural Engineer

Radiation Shielding Professional – Certified Medical Physicist (AAPM) (IPSM) (HKAMP)

Medical Gas Specialist – Authorized Persons (HTM 02:01 MGPS) Pearson BTEC Level 4

Medical Gas Specialist – Competent Persons (HTM 02:01 MGPS) Pearson BTEC Level 4

Healthcare Engineering and Estate Management

Member of IHEEM

Building Energy Efficiency Profession               

EMSD Registered Energy Assessor

Registered Professional Engineers (RPE) 

Corporate Member of MCIBSE

Corporate Member of HKIE

Occupational Safety and Health

Registered Safety Officer and Supervisors